Necessary commodities


I have been moving houses, and living out of bags, for much of the past year. When you don’t own a car, haven’t downloaded the Uber app, and rely largely on public transport and good old-fashioned walking to get you from Point A to Point B, carrying your worldly possessions with you is suddenly much more complicated, and, in my experience, puts weight-bearing exercise into a whole new perspective. I haven’t felt the need to go to the gym all year.

If I was sensible, I would get an Uber account. Or have less stuff.

But at the end of the day, I do actually like walking, public transport is far better for the planet than constantly relying on cars, and there are some ‘things’ in life that I just don’t want to live without. To me, these represent necessary commodities.

Bec’s list of necessary commodities:

Good quality olive oil, jar of ‘Syndian’ tahini and a baking tray for roast vegetables. I could eat roast vegetables like this for dinner every night for the rest of my life and die happy.


Aeropress, coffee grounds and a beautiful ceramic mug. Best way to greet the sunrise.


Tea flask, and some native Gulbarn tea leaves. Brew on the go, and then sip throughout the day, hot or cold.


Grey-blue linen blanket. An extra layer for my bed, or to curl up with in an armchair.


Brown oversized woollen jumper. My weekend uniform.


Knitted cactus. Keeping plants alive can be tricky while travelling; this way I will always have something green with me.


Running shoes and headphones. I listen to podcasts about food while I run, counter intuitive I know.


Perfume. Even when life is stressful, at least I will smell nice.


And of course, a good book and a copy of Kindred magazine. 



Surround yourself with necessary commodities. They do not have to be showy, or plentiful, but they do have to be meaningful. To me the ability to create an allusion of home, when I am in fact far from home, is worth any amount of lugging ‘things’ around.

We are the spaces we inhabit, and these spaces, these empty rooms, are what we make of them.




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