Baskets of Beauty

Today I visited Wariapendi Nursery, on the edge of the Southern Highlands. My mother had a gift voucher from last Christmas which she wanted to use, having spent the last couple of weekends in the back yard extending her native garden beds. With a low-slung metal trolley full of plants teetering in the breeze, and a long stretch of gravel path to traverse, I elected to run to the car and dig around in the boot for something to carry them in, rather than use the plastic bags being proffered by the lady from the Nursery.

I returned with a green Woolworths shopping basket in hand.

I should probably say at this point that we are not in the habit of appropriating things which aren’t ours. I should also say that we shop local as much as possible.

Every now and then, though, time scarcity and old habits find Mum caught at the Woolworths cash register, cloth ‘keep-bags’ left on the back seat. In such instances, rather than succumb to what would, to most, seem inevitable (using so-called ‘disposable’ plastic bags), I have trained my family to forgo bags entirely in favour of re-stacking produce right back into their green shopping baskets. It is not unusual, therefore, to find Woolworths baskets on the back seat of the car, just waiting to be returned. And until that point, what better way to fill them than with flowering native plants from an independent local nursery?

I tell you this story, not to advertise the wonderful versitility of Woolworths shopping baskets, but as a reminder; that it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on fashionable ‘eco accessories’, such as woven market baskets, to get your produce home. What matters more is shaping your patterns of consumption to align with your values.

Buy local. Buy beautiful. Consume consciously. Tread gently.

And in those moments when you are caught short, make do; the Earth won’t mind where your basket is from.


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