Like Birkenstocks, but better…

I have practically lived in my beloved Birkenstocks for the past five years. They have delivered me safely up slippery sandstone steps in the Blue Mountains, across spinifex coated tundra in Kakadu, and paced kilometres of pavement in cities around the world.

So when they finally died, I was mildly devastated, to say the least.

My immediate impulse was to replace them with more of the same, but when it came to making the actual purchase I found myself hesitating. After all, my priorities have somewhat changed over the last five years; the fact that Birkenstock only make leather sandals is now a problem… I want vegan ones.

Enter ‘Vegetarian Shoes’ from online vegan-shoe marketplace ‘Avesu’; a plant-based and sustainable brand stocking Birkenstock look-alikes. Their shoes are made from plant ‘leather’ and recycled cork under fair working conditions in Spain, and their postage from the US is both carbon offset and using recycled materials. 

Add in the nifty little strap at the back, and I am in love. Avesu Sandal



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