A letter, of sorts, to my followers


Dear reader,

I am sorry it has been a while since I was last in touch; I hope the start of the year has treated you well.

I feel like a lot has happened over the last couple of months, so here is a brief update (you will be unsurprised to learn most of it revolves around food).

  • My Christmas present to my family was to take them to a favourite Surrey Hills restaurant, Folonomo, for a five course feast. Folonomo is a social enterprise run by volunteers from contemporary philosophy giant The School of Life, with all proceeds going to charity. And to top that all off, the food is really, really good.20171130_035208585_iOS


  • We don’t really celebrate Australia Day in my family, but I decided to mark it this year by planting a number of native plants in my garden. I wanted to say sorry to the Australian bush (that it is constantly being chopped down to make way for horrendously-ugly new suburbs), and to acknowledge the care taken by Australian Indigenous communities, as custodians of the land, for the last 60,000 years. 20180202_081438684_iOS


  • It was my birthday during February, and I have to say my family absolutely nailed the gift-giving. Having said that, I think the stand-out was the half a kilo of my favourite Spanish sheeps-milk cheese, Manchego. Thanks Mum!!IMG_5540


  • One of my lovely Melbourne friends, Amelia, has come to live in Sydney for a while, and we are eating our way through some of the best (new and old) Sydney cafes and restaurants. Stay tuned for the list of our favourites so far.20171212_084034285_iOS


  • In early March I had a belated birthday dinner with some of my close female friends at another favourite restaurant; Kindred, in Chippendale. All three courses were vegetarian in honour of the birthday girl (yours truly), but vegetarian or not, if you go you simply must try the carrot triangoli. It is to die for.KINDRED


  • For my sister’s birthday, I bought us tickets to three talks at the All About Women festival, which was held at the Opera House. If you missed the festival I recommend looking up their podcast channel, as the talks were really good. ALL ABOUT WOMEN


  • Last Sunday Mum and I took part in the Gear Up Girl all-female cycling event which raises money for women’s heart health awareness. We spent a beautiful morning chatting away as we rode along the sun- dappled paths by the river, from Bicentennial Park to Cronulla.IMG_4583


  • And finally, over the past couple of weeks I have been working as one of the conservators on the Sydney Biennale. I can’t say much (for legal reasons), but I can say that the rubber men on Ai Wei Wei’s boat can bowl you over if you try to carry them by yourself (I did). The early morning ferry ride out to Cockatoo Island was a pretty good way to start the day too.IMG_5555


So as you can see, lots of food, fun and hard work over the last three months! Despite this, or rather because of it, I will endeavour to write far more often.

We all get stressed and busy. Just remember, when things are at their worst, to look up at the sky. The clouds are always beautiful.

Love from Bec

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