Botanical Cuisine: dips and spreads to change your life


My family are reasonably dismissive, in a loving way, of my desire to eat a largely plant-based (ie. vegan) diet. They seem to conveniently forget this, however, when they see me spreading some BC cashew ‘cream cheese’ on my toast, and will happily demolish the entire thing if I don’t surreptitiously sneak it back into the fridge.

‘BC’ is an acronym for ‘Botanical Cuisine’, which is a company operating from one of Melbourne’s inner-city suburbs, Collingwood, to produce a range of plant-based vegan dips, condiments and dairy alternatives. I came across BC for the first time in my favourite little ethical supermarket, ‘Terra Madre’, in Westgarth, another inner-city Melbourne suburb. Terra Madre is an absolute rabbit-warren (I could happily be lost in there forever), but when I saw someone handing out taste-testers near the register, I naturally made my way straight over. I am not a huge fan of butter at the best of times, but when the guy handed me some BC vegan butter on a cracker, my knees went weak and I immediately bought a jar. That butter literally melts in your mouth.

Back up in Sydney, and the most convenient BC stockist I have found is Dr Earth in Newtown, although the Health Emporium in Bondi is also quite close. While their range is understandably not as large as in Melbourne, it is clear Sydney foodies are just as enthralled by BC’s whole-food ethic, limited ingredients list and amazing taste. And, seriously, you really shouldn’t underestimate the taste. When one of the shop assistants found out that I had yet to try BC’s Macadamia ‘Marinated Fetta’, she looked deep into my eyes and told me the experience would “change my life”. It did.

BC products are so delicious that the fact that they are vegan is almost incidental; I feel no qualms about recommending BC to anyone who appreciates good food. And if, in buying them, I can provide the people I love with a product that is delectable, good for their bodies and gentle on the earth, so much the better.


All products and ingredients are vegan, plant-based, ethically sourced, certified organic, raw, enzyme rich, nutrient dense, dairy free, gluten free, cane sugar free, preservative free, without artificial additives and made in small batches using minimal processing and sustainable methods.

The range currently includes…

BASIL & KALE pesto, CARMELISED BEETROOT cashew dip, GLAZED CARROT & FENNEL cashew dip, GARLIC cashew aioli, CLASSIC cashew cheese, WALNUT cashew cheese, LEMON & DILL cashew cheese,  PALEO MUSHROOM cashew cheese, PALEO TUMERIC cashew cheese, PERSIAN STYLE macadamia fetta, POMEGRANET & MINT macadamia fetta, BLACK GOLD vegemite, CULTURED butter.

Disclaimer: Davy and Jen, this blog post does not constitute permission to eat from my BC jars. If I find you near them I will hunt you down. Love Bec xx



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  1. mads36 says:

    So much yes regarding anything BC & Terra Madre! Best!! 🙂

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