What’s in my bag? The genuine edition.


I have never liked the types of magazines you typically find in a doctor’s surgery. These days I tend to carry a book in my bag at all times anyway, but every now and then I still find myself caught out. In these instances, while Mum happily flicks through old issues of Donna Hay and Woman’s Weekly in search of cake recipes to surreptitiously rip out (she has yet to optimise the photographic capabilities of her iPhone), I find myself listlessly skimming through copy after copy of various lifestyle magazines.

Sure, there may occasionally be a healthy/yummy recipe for something like zucchini stuffed flowers, or an interview with someone I actually recognise (rare, as I only watch ABC TV and have no interest in mainstream media culture). For the most part, however, such magazines are just trying to sell you stuff; pretty, aesthetically pleasing stuff, but stuff nonetheless. And I find that boring.

whats in my bag

There is one feature in lifestyle magazines which, surprisingly, I do actually quite like, though. It is usually captioned something along the lines of ‘What’s in my bag?’, and shows a (designer branded) bag cascading objects onto a nondescript background in a sea of pretty colour. The idea behind these features is, of course, to encourage readers to buy the (branded and expensive) objects as a means of emulating the owner of said bag.

Given that I never have any idea who the (supposedly famous) personalities are, there is little risk I will fall prey to this advertising gimmick. I do find the layout of these pieces particularly aesthetically pleasing, however, so I thought I would make my own, more genuine version.

Unlike the heavily curated spread of objects in celebrity’s bags (as pictured in the magazines), these are all objects I actually carry around with me. They are the reason my bag always weighs a ton, but then again, I like being a self-sufficient girl. Such is the price we pay.

IMG_5106 (Edited)

Bag: Create FairTrade handmade buffalo leather tote ($125.00) from Wild (Bowral).

Book: Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press ($27.95) from Moose Hub (Bowral, but available in most bookstores).

Hair Tie: recycled silk ($4.95) from Moose Hub (Bowral).

Watch: Akteo ‘Architectural Golden Number’ ($190.00) from L’Ecritoire Design (Lausanne, Switzerland, but available at http://akteo.watch/en/montre/).

Hand Sanitiser: Thank you, lemon and lime ($2.50) from thankyou.co/bodycare (also stocked in major supermarkets).

Cutlery: U-Konserve fork and spoon ($7.50) from The Cruelty Free Shop (Glebe).

Hand Cream: Salus Australian botanicals, lavender and mandarin ($20.00) from Wood, Paper, Silk (Lewisham).

Lipstick: Ere Perez dusty pink olive oil lipstick ($29.95) from Wild (Bowral).

Purse: much loved Rust handmade leather purse ($79.95) from 100 Squared Designer Market (Sydney CBD).

Face Mist: Caudalie hydrating grape water ($10.00) from Paris (found in Switzerland, but Sephora is an Australian stockist).

Deodorant: Noosa Organics lemon myrtle deodorant ($16.95) from Dr Earth (Newtown).

Ceramic Keep Cup: Zakkia handmade ceramic tumbler ($29.95) from You, The Earth & Me (Newtown).

Reusable Bag: Red silk carry bag ($10.00) from Leura Health Food Shop.



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