And so begins the Ethical Clothing Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!

Our clothing challenge officially begins today (see previous post for full details).

Here is my wardrobe on the first day of the new year; dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, jumpers and jackets, as well as any miscellaneous pieces which don’t fit into one of the above categories; my kimono, winter/summer funeral dresses, scarves etc.

I was surprised when I put this collage together how many items there actually were. Then again, this is every item of clothing I own, from barely-there summer dresses to big winter coats. And compared to the average wardrobe, this pictorial spread is tiny; every item of clothing you see before you fits into the small 1950s lazy-boy in my room.

17 wardrobe dresses

17 wardrobe shoes

17 wardrobe jumpers

17 wardrobe other

Good luck in our challenge Jen! I still believe an ethically curated closet is more economically sustainable in the long run, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

May the best closet win.


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