Veja: sneakers with soul

I love wearing sneakers (they make me feel competent and capable of stomping on people), and now that I have found Veja sneakers, there is no way I would wear any other brand.

Made from a combination of recycled and sustainable materials, Veja are oh-so snazzy to look at and good for the planet. In addition to their glorious minimalist aesthetic, I love that the French company behind Veja are committed to a zero advertising policy, meaning their shoes really have to speak for themselves if they are to be spread by word-of-mouth.

So here is my contribution to the expansion of the Veja ethos;

“Invest in your sneakers and the planet. Buy Veja”.


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  1. Mei Mafinda says:

    I really love these sneaks, and the ethos, thoughtfulness of this brand. Not only are they sustainable, but they are made ethically too. Really admire the innovation of these guys, and their transparency. Now just have to find money for some of these!


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